hell prepared - a kabbalistic ritual exorcism

I’m deep in rehearsals for an experimental theatre piece called hell prepared, produced by theatre dybbuk. I get to sing both improvised and written music, act, and perform shadow movement with a wonderful cast of both new and old friends. The experience has been intense and exciting, because the work is incredibly dense. I’m still not fully able to explain all the elements of the piece, but it explores a relationship between a Rabbi and his wife, and their confrontation with the spirit of their past and their fear of the future of their congregation. It is inspired by a dramatic poem called "Tofteh Arukh," written in the 17th century from within the Jewish ghettos of Italy by rabbi, poet, and mystic Moses ben Mordecai Zacuto. The entire score of the piece is vocal, which is really exciting for me. It’s composed by my friend Fahad Siadat (awesome human who is a great composer and performer), in collaboration with Michael Skloff (he wrote the theme song to Friends!). I’m very excited to share it with everyone - the first performance (of six) is on July 26th. Get tickets HERE.