From I to We

Performed by Molly and pianist Christoph Bull

at First Congregational Church of LA

three small bites: what’s in this? (movement 3)

Performed by C3LA: Contemporary Choral Collective of LA

at Non de Gen

Deer Proud of our Climbs

Performed by members of C3LA: Contemporary Choral Collective of LA


Performed by Molly, Kathryn Shuman, Cari Stevens and Linnea Sablosky at CalArts

Theories of Magnetism

Score for a scene from the film

Fall of the house of Usher

Performed by C3LA

ACKLAND Album Release Show

Performed by members of ACKLAND in collaboration with choreographer Felicia Skye and artist Miranda Kahn at Art Share LA

Full album available at


Starring Molly Pease,

with music by Molly and filming by Karley Sullivan